Alone you can run fast.
Together we can run far.

In this space, we will focus mostly on building our orientation to justice by enacting it: through our teaching practice in holistic ways. Here, we honor the many parts of ourselves: the maker, the mom, the caregiver, the chef, the gamer, the many many things that make us us. In this virtual community, Kass and Corn will show you those parts of themselves!

Joining our community here helps us to continue our journey along with yours; intentionally, purposefully, and outside of social media.

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What Educators Are Saying About Us

Working with The Minor Collective has been a transformative experience for our school community. We’ve been able to build capacity within our equity team, revise curriculum using an anti-racist lens, have courageous conversations with our staff, families and students about race, racism and oppression, do a deep inventory into our school policies to address biases and structures that have created harm and disproportionately. They have supported us in doing really brave, hard work and have been very compassionate and patient along the way. They show up with a ton of passion, insight and resources while ensuring all voices are heard. One of the most impactful experiences we’ve had with The Minor Collective is the work in classrooms and teacher inquiry groups. They model instructional practices that bridge the gap between theory and practice. They truly tailor the experience to meet the needs of individual school communities. We so appreciate them and hope to continue this work as partners in the years to come.

Nicole Lanzillotto, Principal, Boerum Hill School for International Studies, D15, NYC DOE
Cornelius and Kassandra Minor have become a part of our Noblesville community. Over the past 4 years, we have worked closely with Cornelius. He has stood by our side for district strategic planning, professional learning for staff, student learning, and community conversations. Corn is responsive to our needs as we share the latest issues and successes in our literacy and equity work. His heart and passion come through during each visit and he leaves us with sustainable energy and actionable steps. We have grown tremendously because of his influence and will continue to grow as we strive for our community to be a place where everyone is valued, seen and heard. Kass has supported Cornelius while he is here and has provided responsive professional learning for our staff in the summer. This is a couple that I wish I could be a fly on the wall during their ongoing conversations at home. They are a powerful duo out to change the landscape of education where children have a voice and are at the center of every decision. In my 20 years of education, this partnership has had the most positive impact and return on investment ever. Everyone needs a Cornelius and Kass in their community.
Jennifer Wheat Townsend, Ph.D., Director of Learning Noblesville Diversity Coalition (NDC), Learning Officer
District 2 has had the honor of working in collaboration with The Minor Collective since the Spring of 2019 when Cornelius and Kass began leading a professional learning community, representing 12 schools across the district, committed to developing culturally responsive and sustaining practices through an collaborative inquiry approach. The student and family centered inquiry that The Minor Collective engaged our District leaders, teachers and school leaders in has improved the quality of our school equity teams, the practices implemented in our classrooms, the tools that our district has to interrogate and change inequitable practices and most importantly the experiences our students of color have in our schools. In addition, in one year we have seen a significant decrease in the number of Special Education referrals in the schools that have been working with the Minor Collective and we are thrilled to continue our partnership.
District 2 Leadership Team, NYC DOE
In the short time I’ve had with you Kass & Cornelius- I’ve learned & grown & been inspired by you in many ways. It is always refreshing to be in your company as you help remind us of what it means to be human – to see the value in that in ourselves & our students and how to approach the day as a teacher holding that awareness. It’s incredibly simple yet missing so often. I look forward to continuing a partnership. You are incredible!!
Heather, Teacher, NYC DOE
Thank you for bringing your light and care to us. As teachers we needed that level of empathy and care. I appreciate you both more than words could ever express. During this time, you have been my lifeline and I am forever grateful for your partnership and friendship.
Shirley, Teacher, NYC DOE
It has been an amazing time sharing with all of you; it was too short. Your willingness to not only hear us but to support us and provide new ideas in a world of uncertainty has been a saving grace. It is always amazing to hear and see that it is okay and necessary to step back and open the doors to being human and listening and just caring and with that we will be able to provide the support our students need and receive the support that we too need. In a time where we are all just in a world of constant flux, it was good to know that we would have another opportunity to get together again and learn and grow.
Amy, Teacher, NYC DOE
Working with Cornelius Minor has been like working with a close friend. Cornelius quickly assessed our district needs by practicing research-decide-teach to tailor his professional learning to meet district, school and most importantly student needs. He coached district and school personnel through a student-centered lens that allowed participants to go forth and put into practice research-based strategies and techniques. We are grateful for our partnership with Cornelius and look forward to continuing the collaboration for years to come.
Erica Bissell, Ed.D., Coordinator of Reading and Language Arts
Cornelius shines a big bright light on how educators can bend culture, curriculum and methodology towards what is most consequential for kids. He reminds us that seeing our students in our work is a way of prioritizing equity.
Talya Edlund, 2016 Maine Teacher of the Year

Community matters.

Healthy, caring school and classroom communities do not happen by accident. They happen by intentional design. As educators we don’t just shape the future. We can work together to shape right now.

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