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The Minor Collective is a community-based movement, both on the ground and virtual, led by Kass and Cornelius Minor in partnership with kids, families, teachers, and school leaders. TMC believes the greatest catalyst for sustainable change within a school community is driven from its heart: the classroom community. A skilled teacher who centers their praxis in student-driven instruction is the most important pathway for creating shifts that lead to sustainable, equitable change— a pathway that underscores a liberated education for all people. Kass and Cornelius work to connect the dots within the ecosystem of school to enable community access and participation.

Building a healthy school community takes all of us. That’s why Kass and Cornelius’ work in partnership with communities extends into the classroom and beyond.



Dad. Warrior-nerd for the cause of powerful education. Bringing pens to swordfights since 1978.

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Human Teacher. Fierce, warm includer. Searching mind, soul-to-earth type person. Educator.

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No matter the need, we have you covered.


Our people. Our legacy.

Kass and Corn’s odyssey as parents rivals their many adventures as educators. The Minor family enjoys quiet strolls in the city and noisy romps through the country. They make lots of things. Their kitchen has more art than The Guggenheim. They play board and video games, and dance lots when their favorite playlists come on. They spend lots of time reading books.

Cornelius knows all the funny voices from the picture books that they read. Kass can bring stuffed animals to life. The children say that The Minors will be one of the first families in space. They question. They investigate. They build. They make spectacular mistakes, and they try again. Kass and Corn encourage this. For them, and for all kids. All humans, really. Because this is how learning happens

Community matters.

Healthy, caring school and classroom communities do not happen by accident. They happen by intentional design. As educators we don’t just shape the future. We can work together to shape right now.

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